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With diverse experience in a wide variety of cuisine, our chefs are delighted to share their culinary gifts with you.

Chef Russell Trockur

Chef Russell Trockur

Executive Chef

Executive Chef Russell Trockur is a culinary master whose journey seamlessly blends Midwestern roots with the discipline instilled during his four years of dedicated service in the United States Marines. With a culinary degree from Illinois Central College as a testament to his commitment to the culinary arts, Chef Russ brings a unique fusion of military precision and creative flair to the kitchen. This fusion not only sets him apart as a chef but also forms the cornerstone of his approach as he steps into the role of Executive Chef. His leadership style not only encourages efficiency and precision but also cultivates a space where every team member can contribute ideas and thrive creatively.

As an Executive Chef, Russ is not just excited about the ingredients and techniques; he's thrilled to offer customers a unique culinary journey that marries tradition with innovation. His vision for Fusion 45 goes beyond the plate, aiming to create an atmosphere where patrons can savor not just the flavors but also the passion and dedication infused into every dish.

Get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure as Chef Russ takes the helm at Fusion 45, blending his Midwestern roots, military precision, and culinary expertise to redefine the dining experience. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for creativity, Chef Russ is set to leave an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, inviting patrons to savor the fusion of flavors and stories that make each dish at Fusion 45 truly exceptional.

Chef Russell Trockur

Chef Hunter

Sous Chef

Meet Chef Hunter, Born and raised in Lanesboro, Minnesota, Chef Hunter developed a profound appreciation for local ingredients and the farm-to-table ethos that defines the culinary landscape of Lanesboro. His journey in the culinary world began at Pedal Pushers Cafe, where he spent ten years honing his skills and contributing to the establishment's reputation for exquisite and innovative cuisine.

Having recently relocated to Peoria, he is thrilled to bring his passion and creativity to the vibrant culinary community of the city. Embracing the role of Sous Chef at Fusion 45, Chef Hunter is excited to collaborate with the team to continue pushing the boundaries of flavor and presentation.

As he joins Fusion 45, Chef Hunter looks forward to contributing his unique perspective to the restaurant's culinary vision. His commitment to excellence and passion for culinary exploration will undoubtedly add a dynamic dimension to the dining experience at Fusion 45.

Team Bios

Chef Russell Trockur

Cass Hubble

Assistant Manager

Meet Cass, the spirited and dynamic individual who currently serves as the Manager at 12 Bar, hailing proudly from Bartonville, Illinois. Her journey in leadership began on the playing fields of college, where she excelled not only as a student-athlete but also discovered the skills and determination that would shape her future.

Cass's local roots instilled in her a strong sense of community, and she has become an integral part of the local culinary scene. As the current Manager at 12 Bar Lounge, she has showcased her creativity, dedication to customer service, and an unwavering work ethic that sets her apart.Her creative flair is not limited to mixing spirits; it extends to fostering a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons. Cass is passionate about delivering an exceptional experience, whether it's crafting a signature cocktail or ensuring every customer feels like a valued guest.

Now, with boundless enthusiasm, Cass steps into the role of Assistant Manager for both 12 Bar and the upcoming Fusion 45. Her eagerness to take on this new challenge is driven by a desire to share her passion with both customers and staff. Cass sees the opportunity not just to manage operations but to create an environment where both her team and patrons can connect over shared experiences. As she transitions into this expanded role, Cass is excited about the prospects that Fusion 45 brings to the culinary landscape. Her dedication to customer service, love for her staff, and passion for crafting unique spirits will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on both establishments.

Chef Russell Trockur

David Torres

Event Coordinator

Introducing David Torres, a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry, born with the rhythm of Los Angeles in his veins and now bringing his wealth of experience to the vibrant city of Chicago. With an impressive 28-year journey in the culinary world, David has carved out his niche as a dedicated server and charismatic bartender, all while cultivating an immense love for both food and spirits.

Having spent nearly three decades perfecting the art of service, David is now ready for a new challenge. Eager to contribute his extensive knowledge and love for hospitality, he steps into the role of Event Coordinator at both Fusion 45 and 12 Bar. This position not only allows him to showcase his organizational skills but also lets him continue doing what he loves most—creating unforgettable moments for guests.

Beyond the role of Event Coordinator, David is committed to maintaining the high standards of customer service he's known for. Every interaction with him is not just a transaction but a genuine connection, reflecting his dedication to ensuring guests feel valued and appreciated. As David embarks on this new chapter at Fusion 45, he brings a wealth of experience, a love for the culinary arts, and an unwavering commitment to making every event and dining experience exceptional.


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