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Where It All Began

When we were first designing the concept of The Twelve Bar Lounge, we knew that we wanted to create a unique home for musicians to play and enjoy their experience here. Our goal has been to bring in bands from not only our backyard but also across the United States.

We have always believed that food, drinks, and music bring people and the community together. When combining all three together, we have been able to create a location that people can make memories.

We are constantly trying to find musicians from all places, genres, and backgrounds. We do this to help ensure a diverse atmosphere that makes each experience different and unique.

Thank you to all of the musicians that have joined us or will be joining us here at The Twelve Bar! If you are interested in performing at The Twelve Bar Lounge, please fill out the form below.

Upcoming Live Music

Where Harmony Finds Its Home: The 12 Bar Lounge Journey

In the genesis of The 12 Bar Lounge, our vision was clear—to craft a distinctive haven for musicians to share their craft and revel in the unique atmosphere we envisioned. Beyond borders, we set our sights on welcoming bands not only from our local community but from across the vast expanse of the United States.

A Fusion of Sound, Flavor, and Community

Our belief in the unifying power of food, drinks, and music guided our mission. By seamlessly intertwining these elements, we aspired to create more than just a venue but a space where people could weave memories together. The 12 Bar Lounge became a testament to the belief that these three pillars can unite a community and enrich the fabric of shared experiences.

Curating Diversity in Every Note

Our commitment to diversity extends beyond just the beats. We tirelessly seek musicians from varied places, genres, and backgrounds, ensuring a dynamic atmosphere that transforms each visit into a different and uniquely memorable experience.

A Grateful Ode to Musicians

To the incredible musicians who have graced our stage, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your contributions have been the soulful notes that resonate within our walls, creating an ambiance that words can only attempt to capture. For those yet to join us, we eagerly anticipate the harmonies you'll bring to The 12 Bar Lounge.

Join the Melody: Perform at The 12 Bar Lounge

If you're a musician ready to contribute to our harmonious journey, we invite you to share your talent on our stage. The 12 Bar Lounge is always on the lookout for artists from every corner, genre, and background. Your unique voice adds another layer to our diverse symphony.

Interested in Performing? Fill Out the Form Below

If you share our passion for music and wish to perform at The 12 Bar Lounge, we invite you to complete the form below. Join us as we continue to cultivate a space where music transcends boundaries, and the rhythm of community beats strong.

Thank you for being part of our musical journey at The 12 Bar Lounge. Your presence adds to the melody, making every note resonate with the shared spirit of our community.

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